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    Knowing the basics about the special education process and transition services can help you stay a step ahead.

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Welcome to Moor Law. 

Moor Law is a unique law firm that is devoted entirely to helping children with special needs access appropriate educational services.  Firm clients often have questions like:

    • My child is having difficulty learning at school.  What can I do?
    • My child’s 504 plan or IEP is not adequate.  Is our school district required to add more services?
    • My child cannot learn in a public school setting.  Should our school district be required to send my child to a private school?
    • My child is being bullied and harassed by members of his school community.  What can I do to protect him?
    • My child is getting punished by the school principal for behaviors she cannot control due to her disability.  Is this legal?

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