Attorney Moor represents clients dealing with a wide range of issues involving the education system. Her practice areas and legal services include:

Special Education

  • Reviewing educational records and providing case assessments
  • Assisting with IEP eligibility determination issues
  • Advising parents on how to use the Team process to effectively advocate for their child
  • Negotiating settlements and agreements with school districts
  • Securing funding for out-of-district placements
  • Providing legal representation at the BSEA and in court

Student Discipline

  • Representing students at manifestation determination and disciplinary hearings
  • Ensuring enforcement of special education students’ rights in disciplinary matters


  • Representation and guidance related to 504 Plans
  • Representing students who are abused, harassed and/or bullied by their peers or teachers
  • Handling cases involving discrimination based on disability or failure to offer appropriate accommodations